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Why Neuland markers? 

Since I started my work as a trainer in 2010 I’ve been extensively drawing and testing numerous tools.
Both for large-format drawings (flipcharts and bigger), small sheet-size drawings (A4, A5 and even A6 like in ( and medium size (A3) in my whiteboard animations (
In my whole career, I have seen many drawing tools but none of them were better than Neuland's markers and accessories.

5 reasons why Neuland markers won my heart:
- They’re water-based and non-toxic. Therefore the ink does not penetrate to the other side of the paper and they are odorless.
- They're ecological. You can easily refill them instead of just throwing them out after you use all the ink.
- They have numerous types of endings (which you can BTW change when they get worn!)
- They have the blackest of the blacks - Ink Outliner - which dries really fast, so it doesn’t get smeared when you put other colors on it.
- They have a wide range of colors (but not too big so you don’t face problems with a paradox of choice!)

Not to mention the fact that Neuland – apart from markers – has an incredible offer of their accessories. All trainers, graphic recorders, graphic facilitators and other positive visual enthusiast can find tools to suit their needs.
Their rich offer for professional visual education is unchallenged.

Why have I chosen this set?
Squeezing my choice to just 18 products was very difficult for me since I have almost every Neuland drawing tool.  But of course, I don’t use all of them every time.
For the large-format visual thinking beginners I recommend the set listed below:

Black markers Outliner (without black there’s no way to draw!):
1.    Marker Big One Outliner (so-called „fatty” without which I won’t start my training or GR)
2.    Marker No.One Outliner with wedge nib (Absolutely basic equipment)
3.    Marker FineOne Outliner with round nib (great also for sketchnoting)
4.    Marker FineOne Outliner with brush-type ending (great for sketchnoting and it lets you draw with a light, ethereal line)
5.    Refill Ink to refill the Outliner

Grey BigOnes.
With a little bit of practice, you have one marker providing 3 thicknesses of your line: (1) super thick, (2) medium, and (3) thin. With this equipment you can easily draw shadows and contours on your flipcharts:
6.    Marker Big One, color 102 (light grey)
7.    Marker Big One, color 101 (dark grey.)

Markers No.One ArtMarker with a brush nib.
Why ArtMarkers and not i.e. No.One with wedge nib?
Because with a little bit of practice you also get 3 in 1 : (1) You can write „normally”, so it’s readable, (2) you can have fun with calligraphy (3) you can quite easily color (light pressing makes the line quite thin, stronger pressing makes the line thicker and covers a bigger area just like a BigOne).
Therefore the color markers that I recommend for a start are No.One ArtMaker version.
I like the most these 8 colors inspired by rainbow:
8.    202 (rose)
9.    700 (violet)
10.    305 (ocean- my favorite)
11.    301 (turquoise)
12.    401 (light green)
13.    501 (yellow)
14.    600 (orange)
15.    601 (red orange)

PanPastels and others:
16.    PanPastel, 820.7 (It fits the light grey 102!)
17.    Oval sponge to put PanPastels - Sofft Sponge
18.    Marker No.One in WhiteOne version – the white outliner! 

This fantastic eighteen will bring your equipment to the full maturity.

With all these markers and outliners you will be ready to conquer the fantastic world of visualization.

Have fun! 


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